GNL Investments LLC
GNL Investments LLC, (“GNL”) is organized for the purpose of filling the complicated needs of participants in the real estate development and investment arena, in a simple, yet complete and effective manner. GNL is structured in such a way that it can provide complimentary services to contractors, developers, investors, brokers and property managers. Unique in this space, GNL is also capable of providing each of these services entirely independent.

After completing several development projects, the principals of GNL recognized that the various and necessary service providers often operated in a vacuum. The land acquisition participants are acutely aware of valuation, and even prospective appreciation based on improvements, but routinely fail to understand the interdependency of participants further downstream. An architect for example may have insight as to limitations in existence of a project as a topographical conditions that are overlooked by during the acquisition.

Similarly, financing participants may be aware of structured bonds or pending legal disputes that affect impede the underwriting of end user loans. Examples such as these can be extremely costly, and entirely avoidable.

GNI., has existing relationships with every key participant in the development and management of properties. Specifically, developments involving custom high end homes are particularly appropriate for GNL to play a crucial role. GNL’s revenue is derived through its cost efficiencies, largely a byproduct of its relationships, as well as its delivery of some, or all of the needed components of a project. Being an ally to real estate professionals, investors, developers, and other participants, does not preclude GNL from providing the same services in various projects.

Vision, Mission Statement & Goals


The vision of GNL is to be a premier provider of component or end-to-end solutions for the residential real estate development and management market. GNL will accomplish this by maintaining contacts with the most sought after and seasoned professionals, and engage these professionals on a project basis.


To participate in the long term development and management of profitable select real estate projects throughout Southern California.


  • Acquire two strategic properties that fit specific criteria for development and long
    term management by October 1, 2015. Examples of such acquisitions include
    land appropriate for a small association of luxury estate homes or land that can be developed to support commercial or industrial space.
  • Acquire three properties that can support development and construction of high-
    end luxury residential property. Complete all necessary entitlements, permit and
    plan approvals so that properties are “shovel-ready”.
  • Participate in a substantial but minority position in three projects that create
    revenue for GNL of not less than $250,000 per project.